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Call to Action by Eisenberg (Bryan and Jeffrey)

Call to Action by Eisenberg

Call to Action by Eisenberg – Secret Formulas to Improve Online Results

If you run a website and want to optimise your results and improve your conversion goals then you have to read Call to Action by Eisenberg. Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg are experts at turning websites with low traffic and meaningless conversion rates into page 1 google ranked money making machines.

Call to action by Eisenberg will teach you how to:

  • Understand and improve the key performance indicators of your website
  • Optimise your site for Search Engines
  • Perfect your copy / content and sites design
  • Monetize your website

Bryan and Jeffrey started talking about conversion rates back in 1998 with their business Future Now Inc . They are now a recognized authority and pioneers of Internet marketing strategy and helping businesses to improve their online conversion rates for sales and lead generation.

Call to action by Eisenberg is one of those books that make you nod along smiling as you read it. Furiously scribbling notes and desperate to get onto your own sites CMS to make the tweaks and improvements you are learning about.

Testimonials from the back cover suggest small changes that made quick improvements of 30% to over 150% on their sites conversion rates. Sometimes meaning the difference of £Millions of additional revenue for some of these companies.

There are plenty of books about on this subject but to save yourself the time, money and effort, i highly reccommend you read this one first. You may not need to read another…

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