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Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter

Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter

Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors

Back in 1980 when Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter was first published it took the strategy academics and business world by storm. Strategic Management Journal stated Porters Competitive Strategy represented a quantum leap and may well be one of the most important contributions to the discipline of strategic management.

I was first introduced to Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter when studying for my post-grad diploma in Strategic Sales Management. It’s an academic piece of work based on a vast body of primary research. Millions of business students around the world are still taught the ideas in this book.

For most management consultants, the strategies and processes explained here form the basis of their ‘consultant kit bag’ and advice. In fact, numerous businesses have emerged in the last 30 years dedicated solely on assisting business to implement the strategies detailed in Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter.

Few books warrant the too-common publishers blurb of ‘landmark’. This one does

Every business in whatever industry, sector or country has a competitive advantage. This advantage represents a strategy that may have been planned or may simply have formed over time. In Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter you’ll learn how to plan and execute your own business strategy. You’ll also learn how to analyse the competitive strengths and weaknesses of your competitors.

Warning! Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter is not a quick fix, easy read over a coffee. It’s a studying for a qualification type of deep thinking book. Read carefully, making notes and then read again. After this, it acts as a reference manual to dip in and out of. Ideal when some academic rigor needs applying to your strategic thinking.

Have a look at the contents page for a taster of the subjects covered:

Contents Page


Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter is the seminal work in this field. Anyone who studies the material in this book should be able to confidently discuss and devise successful business strategies. Highly recommended.

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