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New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg

New Sales. Simplified by Mike Weinberg

New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg. The Essential Handbook for Prospecting and New Business Development

Whether you’re a sales professional or a sales manager New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg is an essential read. This book lays out a powerful and proven framework for you to copy which will help you create value and convert today’s mega busy prospective clients into new clients.

For those not familiar of his work, Mike Weinberg is a top -performing sales professional and is the founder of The New Sales Coach a website jammed full of practical guidance, blunt truths and resources to help sales leaders and senior executives.

Like another very successful sales coach, Anthony Iannarino, who has converted his sales blog into book form (read the review here) Mike Weinberg’s book takes years of tips and strategies from his blog and structured it into a clear step by step guide.

New Sales.Simplified is truly priceless. This is a book you don’t read once; it’s one you read with a highlighter and pad, taking notes on each topic.

Mark Hunter The Sales Hunter

New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg focuses solely on helping you improve on the key responsibility of any sales person – winning new customers. You’ll learn a range of tactics including particularly good sections (in my opinion) on planning and organising your selling time and using the telephone to arrange meetings. The book focusses on creating value for clients throughout the process.

However, the best reason to buy New Sales Simplified by Mike Weinberg is Chapter 2 which covers the 16 reasons salespeople fail at winning new business. If only i’d read this when I started my own career in sales 20 years ago! Id have saved time and won more work for sure.

Mike Weinbergs’ book clearly describes the fundamental actions that you must take to be successful in sales. Its a great read and something you can then dip into for reference whilst at your desk for years to come.

Buy it, give it to new sales recruits, make the veterans have a read too. An essential sales book to have on your shelf.

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