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The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino

The only sales guide you'll ever need by Anthony Iannarino

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino has finally arrived!

I’ve been a massive fan of Anthony Iannarino and his work in the area of professional sales development for over 6 years. And now, he’s taken the best bits from his famous daily sales blog and added a raft of fresh, original content into his new book called, quite aptly and simply, “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino”.

For those who don’t know (what have you been reading?), Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, author, and sales leader with a huge following. Anthony posts daily sales tips and insights to his site called “The Sales Blog”.

So why am I so excited about his book being released?

Well, I’ve been telling other sales professionals for years that if they only read 1 thing per day to help improve their approach to sales (and the results they get) that Anthony’s daily sales blog is it. And, in the back of my mind I’ve often though that the masses of useful content on his blog should all be condensed down into nicely structured book…

And now it has.

I’m therefore hoping that his book, “The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need” will actually be The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need! 

So, as you can see, I’m a fan. And, after years of being an advocate of his work, I’ve been sent a post release copy of the book to give it a thorough road test and let you all know what I think.

(Think your sold already?  You can pre-order The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino from Amazon, ready for it’s October 11th 2016 release date). Click here for more info.

What Anthony himself says

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino is a comprehensive guide to transforming your mindset and improving your skill sets to achieve sales success, from the rising star sales blogger, lecturer, and consultant.

The Review

So, as this book isn’t released until October 2016, and as always with the books I review I don’t want to spoil the enjoyment of reading it yourself. So I won’t be giving away too much in terms of actual content here. More of an overview of what you can expect to get from reading it.

Firstly though, in terms of adding some credibility to what value you’ll learn from this book, here’s a little more info about the author which should be useful.

Anthony Iannarino built a formidable career in sales himself from the ground up, then began blogging, consulting and lecturing to help others. His overall theme is that almost any salesperson can be successful by mastering the right mindset and skill-sets. Anthony is a Harvard Business School Graduate and runs a number of successful sales related initiatives. You can read more about Anthony here.

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need by Anthony Iannarino breaks down the essentials of sales performance into 19 clear and bite-size strategies split into two clear sections.

Mind-set: The beliefs and behaviors of sales success

It starts by focusing on the 10 personal attributes that are essential to understand and possess for anyone who wants to be successful in a professional sales environment. Attributes including self-discipline, competitiveness and communication are distilled down and explained as to where, why and how they fit into building the foundations of your sales career.

Anthony describes these 10 attributes as “Mind Sets” and for each there are examples of the the commitments you need to make yourself and clear ways in which you can improve and begin to develop your own mindset and personal attributes.

Skill-sets: The abilities of sales success

The second section looks at the 9 skills such as prospecting, negotiating, storytelling and closing you’ll need to develop to be successful in sales and sales management. Each section ends with a clear step by step list of actions that you can then go away and put into practice. Anthony also recommends other books you can read for a deeper insight or a different approach.


Winning dream clients is hard work but by reading this this book and making commitments to the changes you need to make will turbo charge your sales results.

The book flows, moving from one clear topic to the next in a logical way. An uncomfortable read at times as it points out the bad habits sales people often fall into. It shows you the truth as you already know it and points out that there is no quick fix to being successful at sales.

Although it makes you challenge your beliefs, It also has you nodding in agreement and there are more than a few ‘eureka’ moments along the way.

I found myself stopping and scribbling little ‘to-do’ notes for when I’m back at work.  It’s to the point. It doesn’t mince around but tells it straight and quickly dispels the many myths about what sales is and isn’t.

Condensing years of wisdom from his successful sales blog into an easy to read book was never going to be easy. And I’m not disappointed in the slightest.

The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need is a fabulous book and one which gets 5 stars from me.

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Published by Penguin Group

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